bright and beautiful

bocci chandalier / koro by poaplum / orb II by dylan kehde roelofs / via contemporist

it was a beautiful morning when i started off to havelock north this morning! i rolled down the window and enjoyed the hot sunshine while cruising on state 'highway' #2 all the way to hawke's bay. i passed through the scandanavian settled areas of dannevirke and norsewood, and past a the vineyards of pukeora estate and junction wine (which didn't look like an operating winery, perhaps just the vines). i finally made it to havelock north and the researcher i was meant to be meeting was nowhere to be found, so i went back into the 'village' center and had a rather delightful seared scallop and muschroom risotto lunch. eventually, my kiwi researcher surfaced and i got some excellent data and headed back in the gloom and rain that finally overtook a perfectly sunny day.

/ start of the day /

/ end of the day /

i made it home just in time to make some leftover japanese food from last night's cooking class and to watch shortland street with my amazingly adorable boyfriend :)


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