feeling conservative?

if nothing else, read the kakapo story - hilarious! otherwise, there are heaps of events on to support and celebrate doc's conservation week. if i had a backyard, i would be building a weta motel. instead i was thinking i could make a pine cone bird feeder, but i don't want to attract anymore reasons for aston to go flying off the balcony.

tawharanui is, by far, one of the prettiest places i've visited in new zealand. there are many places i have left to visit - hopefully i'll get to tick a few off my list this summer, like the coramandel - but this place is gorgeous in addition to being a prime conservation site with predator-proof fencing and land that has been replanted with native vegetation. i should know - i helped! it was also one of the few times i have seen the sunrise...

/ sunrise over little barrier island /


SusieQ6283 said…
I meant to tell you- Your bangs..honey- they Fierce!

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