writer's block

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i was checking out the updated blogroll of dr.isis today in search of some more inspirational scientists and i came across a few blogs touching on the topic of writing... oh the dreaded writing. i have never enjoyed writing in the way the people who choose it for their profession do. in fact, i don't mind it in cases where i feel confident that i know exactly what i am writing about. but writing this thesis has taken me into the territory of scientific writing where much of what has gotten me through all of my writing in the past just doesn't work anymore. when you read a journal article, things don't sound pretty - they sound intelligent and nerdy (in a good way!) and seem to come from a dictionary all their own. i know getting used to new words and phrases is a matter of continually reading them and using them, but i just can't seem to spit them out when i am doing my writing. result: an essay versus an article. when i turned my first draft in to my supervisors i even said to them 'i know this isn't in the right voice' and that was exactly what they recognised as well. i will obviously try again, but i'm just struggling to get the right smarty pants science words to come out!!

young female scientist gave some good advice to keep working to avoid being one of female science professor's doomed writers - i'm pretty sure i'm not doomed, but some days i wonder whether i can get my brain to tick over to the science side...


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