cuppa kinda day

/ origami tea bags via antler /

you would never know by today's downpours that yesterday was such a nice day! today is the kind of day where i just want to curl up and drink tea all day. and write my thesis! i've actually been having a kickass writing day for once. maybe it's my awesome harrods tea that reuben brought back from london for me:

/ couldn't find these particular boxes on the harrods website /

i should be drinking more tea than coffee anyway. especially since the coffee here just isn't that great. i'm starting on my five cups of green tea now!

/ tea bag mug via foodie /

and because i can't resist posting this shoe i saw on nine west this morning (i can't help it they send me completely drool-worthy pictures of shoes via email), here is a shoe that has nothing to do with tea. i love the escher-like pattern!

/ nine west's bonfire peep toe pump in bronze /


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