what the hail??

the cats went pretty crazy when the hail started this afternoon, so i let them out on the balcony to investigate. manolo ran in the opposite direction, but aston went straight out and started to play with the ice. manolo finally went out after a few minutes at which point they sat under the table and stared at this new mysterious stuff falling from the sky.

it's halloween in a few days, and i would love to take aston out to scare everyone! but halloween isn't really that big over here and i might be laughed at with a cat on a harness. i haven't actually bought harnesses for the cats yet, but that doesn't mean i haven't seriously considered it. i have not, however, considered dressing the cats up, but if i did, aston would be wearing the unidentified monster costume:

/ cat costume on the skip-raid /

and manolo would probably turn into a crazed vampire cat:

/ halloween warnings from avalon lake, ohio /

especially don't trust people around your black cat!


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