togs togs undies undies UNDIES!

/ threadless t-shirt / wall decal by vinyllettering / wall decal by tastysuite / pact undies via notcot /

the title refers to one of my fave nz commercials ever: trumpet's simplifying summer.

my (L)horoscope this month:
MAR 21 — APR 19
So many things in this world sound really, really great when you first hear about them, but slowly (and surely) you come to realize they require a lot more work than was first suggested, and you’re already at a breaking point, and life just seems to suck. What are you supposed to do then, Aries? Well, you should probably just figure out a way to work from home, in your underpants.

i think this is talking about my masters.... and to cope, i should get these underpants for my month at home in front of my computer... writing all about my kiwis:

/ pact - undies for a cause /


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