a wee bit skeptical

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google reader just added a new 'explore' feature where they auto generate recommended feeds and today i clicked on one entitled 'vinography: a wine blog' because i love learning a bit more about wines and reading about all of the great vineyards around the world. i'm a big fan of dr. vino (even if the wine topics are generally over my head) and i am so bummed his wine class wasn't around when i was at nyu - or if it was i never knew it. which could be the case as i was never that into wine until i moved to new zealand. when i first moved here i really enjoyed the sauvignon blancs, but this past year i've moved on to reds and this winter season i'm all about the pinot noirs, especially from otago.

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anyway, as i read this new suggested blog post with tasting notes from a selection of oriel wines, of course this one caught my eye, initially because it was from new zealand:

2006 Oriel "Mana" Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
Pale gold with green highlights, this wine has a classic nose of gooseberry aromas tinged with cat pee [my own emphasis added here]. In the mouth it is bracing with acidity. Crackling limestone, kiwi, and gooseberry flavors race around the palate leaving airy residues of green grass and green apple flavors dangling from the edges of the mouth. Very true to form, and quite delicious. Score: between 9 and 9.5. Cost: $20.

now i know i am fairly new to the wine field - but cat pee?!? this is something i MUST research further...

/ sitting kitty wallet on modcloth /

as for reader's 'explore' option - damn you! i've already subscribed to three new feeds!


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