job #2 a.k.a. goodbye life

/ great blue heron sculpture box by beartrackstudios /

i just found out tonight that i got the te manawa museum assistant curator job! and even better, they're willing to work on giving me a flexible schedule so that i can keep my ross job as well. it will be awesome to have the extra money, but that also means some looong hours. oh well, i didn't have much of a life anyway!

/ earthworm bracelet via annie spandex /

the exhibit i'll be working on will be focusing on the manawatu river and the estuary, so i'll have to brush up on my local bird and river knowledge. luckily i always enjoyed the research end of things when i was doing my masters because that will be my primary role, i think. more details to come soon!

/ jessica joslins bird sculpture via antler magazine /


garymj said…
Fantastic ! This should give you a new slant on things and use some different talents. Now if only they let you dance in the front window...wait a minute, Fire Poi !!!
vint junky said…
Congratulations hon , both on the job and on the engagement!!

Unknown said…
When it's something you love to do, is it really work? Congratulations! Have fun juggling all of your activities.

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