guerilla ice cream

/ icypole printed leggings by zozatron /
(why buy those for $130 if you can get these for $60!)

i'm planning to make pumpkin pie tonight and what goes better with pumpkin pie than vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream?? unfortunately reuben polished off the banana and chocolate ice cream last night. mmm, i could really go for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream - add it to the list of things i miss! here's a few ice cream links i've been collecting:

ben franklin may have enjoyed tomato ice cream. can't wait to visit philly for new years!

my favourite feature on the turkey hill blog - would you eat it:
spaghetti and cheese ice cream (yes)
squid ink ice cream (yes)
avacado ice cream (need i say it? yes)

nz scientists developing a 'medical dessert', an ice cream called recharge.

read about guerilla ice cream on the village voice fork in the road. watch out nyc, two eating machines named reuben and erica are just waiting to be let loose on every restaurant, diner, deli and food cart we can find!

/ abstract city via t magazine blog /

did you know a lego retail store opened in nyc? fun :)


garymj said…
My favorite single panel cartoon of all time was a guy handing his furry icecream cone back to the vendor; the caption says "I thought you said Gorilla" Cracks me up every time I think of it !!
zoe said…
hi there.... just thought i should let you know, you can't get those leggings for $60.... The print is a limited edition run made by the designer.
erica anne said…
the 'these' i was referring to was the black milk tights that you can see by clicking on the link, not the icypole tights.
zoe said…
ooops.... and yeh.... i guess printed tights are cheap when you don't design your own prints and you get them printed offshore rather than on.
erica anne said…
i'm guessing you're zozatron? i'm not dissing the tights - i love them (anything food-related is good in my book), but i can't afford either $130 or $60, so i just lust. however if you did an xray chrystallography print, i'd attempt to go without icecream for a few months to get them ;)

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