knit wit

/ sweater from mom /

i finally found a pair of flats at the warehouse (nz's walmart equivalent) last week while i was supposed to be picking up stuff for work (shhh!). it's hard to see in the pic because i'm too lazy to get out my good camera and just use my computer webcam, but the shoes are a grey faux suede with silver studs. i still think i look silly in flats, but at least they're cute and cheap!

/ finally found something to wear my purple fishnet/lace tights with /

/ knit dress via style bubble /

/ knit skirt via style bubble /

/ knit top via style bubble /

what awesome pieces! i should get the knitting needles out (and by out i mean back from wherever the cats hid them) and make myself a scarf, haha. actually, reuben's mom brought a scarf back from melbourne for me:

/ melbourne scrunchy scarf /


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