cupcake poop

/ flowers that a student brought me one day at work /

what a great title. i stole it. i thought it seemed fitting for a post about a bunch of junk that's been floating around waiting for me to post.

/ making fried green tomatoes with my balcony toms /

just a few bits and pieces that i found interesting this week:

bionic cat gets faux paws.

/ the cat's collection of toys that i find under the couch every week /

alaotra grebe declared extinct.

/ koru sculpture engagement present from reuben's grandparents /

check out the prehistoric wollemi pine tree discovered in the mountains near sydney only 10 years ago.

/ the cats claiming my new bean bag chair /

jaguars attracted to calvin klein cologne.

/ that giant black fluffy thing on my head is aston's new favourite place to sleep /

wellington zoo might get giant pandas!


vint junky said…
Your hair piece is quite unique, i like it alot ;)


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