i prefer impractical

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i have finally finalised my ross and te manawa schedule for the next 6 months. there will be some long days and lots of work, but i'm really looking forward to starting at the museum. and because i will be on my feet a whole lot more, i decided that i had better start searching for a pair of practical and plain but cute flat shoes. so i went to wild pair (my favourite shoe store in palmy) who were conveniently having a sale and i even managed to completely ignore the heels, but i couldn't find anything! not only am i pretty near perfect 8.5 (every 8 was too small and every 9 was too big), but everything i tried on looked like slippers or just plain silly. i think i'm just too used to heels no matter how impractical they are!


Unknown said…
Check out: http://www.conversationshoes.com/ourshoes.html - not a lot of arch support, but way comfy. Good luck with your search; can't imagine Ish in flats!

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