alternative remedies

i've been sick for a few days now. nothing serious, but a very annoying head cold nonetheless. a few things are getting me through being sick (in addition to the sudafed, of course).

yummy tea with the healthy power of echinacea:

(so delish i even get reuben to have some to make sure he doesn't get sick, because we all know there's nothing worse than a man with man flu)

served with antibacterial manuka honey:

(manuka honey has a different flavour than the typical clover honey, but it's meant to have lots of healthy benefits)

some essential oils for my raw nose:

(delicious specially blended herb farm oil - rejuvenate. i can't remember exactly what's in it but it's citrus-y and, well, rejuvenating! this is probably the first head cold where my nose isn't killing me!)

and something good to read:

/ see a trailer on the author's website /

(a quick read, emotional, but lovely)


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