hot chocolate and mini marshmallows

/ cozy cocoa by lindysdelights /

the cold snap that started yesterday has really hit me in the face - ugh! time to start pulling out the layers (which i really only JUST packed away) and cuddling down with the cats and cocoa.

/ the brunswick heel (soldout) on modcloth /

luckily i have plenty of cozy couch-based work to keep me busy - wedding planning and (finally) working on submitting my journal articles! in fact, i got an email out of the blue today from an academic publishing company who found out about my thesis and wants to publish it! i have to look into the company and the offer a bit more, but so far it sounds pretty good.


Unknown said…
THEY are approaching YOU about publication? Dude, I need some of your science mojo, lady!

Accidentally lost track of your blog for a few months when I switched to Google Reader. But I'm back now. Glad to hear you're doing well. :)

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