beautiful basil

/ garden cupcakes via gardeninginheels /

gardening has been going quite slowly for a month or so, but i had breakfast with some of the te manawa ladies this weekend and one gave me a takeaway container full of lettuce and cilantro seedlings from her garden. so i cleared out some of the plants that weren't doing so well (like the pumpkins and beans that aston had pretty much eaten all of the leaves off of) and planted the goodies from vicki and tried to keep the cats from chomping on them. i was mostly successful.

and because it's herb awareness week this week, i'm showing my herbs some love and trying to spread them out into some cans i've painted up with a royal blue can of paint i got from the arts recycling centre. the basil i planted in my shoes is doing great, so i'm hoping the ones i've moved into the cans will do better than where they are now too.


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