belated st patty's post

/ st patrick's day 2005 in pittsburgh /

i got an email from kathryn today and it reminded me of when i visited her over my spring break in 2005. i've never been a big st. patty's person, probably because i don't really like large quantities of beer and i rarely own any green clothing. in fact, in 2005 i rarely owned anything that wasn't red, as my vintage red leather with black faux fur coat in the picture above demonstrates (i was also wearing red plaid pants). but since i was visiting kat, and there wasn't a whole lot to do in pittsburgh, we went to whatever town square/park that was holding a giant party and joined the celebration. in the snow. you can tell i love kathryn dearly as there are few people in the world for whom i would spend hours outside in the cold and snow, drinking beer.


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