1 week

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so only one week to go now til the wedding! i have to say we're right on track as far as getting everything done. i honestly don't understand why people have something against long engagements, it makes planning so much easier. i mean, i didn't start working on decorations until last week really, but that's because i've been so indecisive about what to do - there are so many amazing and gorgeous ideas out there that it's hard to not to feel creatively inadequate and/or completely overwhelmed by coolness.

but i've managed to put together some fun and pretty stuff (or at least i think it is) of my own and can't wait to see everyone! most of my family will be on planes within hours and some of my friends are already here or on their way - how exciting! actually, i've been following holly and keemin's blog, around the world, and it's great - i'm really happy their enjoying the start of their adventure.

ok - time to get crafting!


Holly said…
Thanks for the shout-out. We're thrilled to be here and, obviously, having a wildly excellent time!! Can't wait to see everyone in just a few more days!!!

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