post-wedding post

/ knitted squirrel by wibit /
happy squirrel appreciation day and welcome to my first post as mrs. prier, hence the slight title change as i am no longer one of the many erica joneses in the world. i'm happy to say that reuben and i have joined two amazing families and both have accepted us wholeheartedly. i'll gush about the wedding soon enough when i post some fun pictures from the day, but today i'm just catching up on some fun stuff.

/ found this book while christmas shopping - makes me want to take up knitting! /
so mom and dad arrived just before christmas and ever since then, everything has been full on! there were holidays to plan, trips to organise and wedding stuff to complete. we weren't overwhelmed, but we were busy. it's hard to believe that it's been a whole month - it just flew by!

/ knitted pigeon via swissmiss /

this year is going to be an exciting one for reuben and i, we have a lot on our plate as we start to think about moving back to the states next year. reuben will be finishing up his degree, we want to finish seeing all of the interesting sites in nz and take a few trips to australia, several of reuben's cousins are getting married, the list goes on... i'm hoping i can stay motivated (even when the depressing winter rolls around) as i have lots of goals this year: cleaning out clutter so moving will be easier, establishing a gym routine, cooking lots of delicious and healthy meals and spending quality time with my new hubby :)


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