garden fresh

my garden has been much more productive this year thanks to a little experience and much nicer weather than i remember last year. several of the herbs i planted last year blossomed this year and allowed me to put together quite a few little flower arrangements to brighten up the apartment. i also used the leftover bits and pieces of herbs and arugula for my delish green pizza base.

possibly the biggest and best surprise was my carrots. sure, carrots are cheap so this may not be the most cost effective crop, but homegrown carrots are so much sweeter and delicious than store bought. i intend to plant more when the time is right.

because i had a few free pots last year and not too much colour, i thought i would add in some decorative plants to brighten up the balcony, definitely lots of fun!

root crops seem to work well on my balcony since there is so much wind and not much sunlight. i picked a few of my baby beets for a salad last week and was pretty excited they've turned out well. the funniest part of my beet patch is that when i put the vermicast from my worm farm in the soil, there must have been some tomato seeds as i now have three little plants - two of which even have fruit on them. i never thought they would produce anything so i'm keeping my fingers crossed these little tomatoes might eventually be just big enough to garnish a salad.


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