sparkle and glam

/ night sky nails via a glamorous little side project /
i didn't really have a hens/bachelorette party since the timing was just a bit crazy around the holidays, but i did have a nice girly evening complete with cocktails, sequins and good friends.

the theme was 'fashionably bombed - the wedding edition' based on a great fashion/cocktail website dominique and i found while searching for drinks recipes called fashionably bombed (visit website, fall in love). the task was to wear something fabulous - sequins, fur, feathers, lace, bling - and taste some cocktail creations.

/ wayne, the honorary maid /
most of the cocktail recipes were taken from the fashionably bombed website and adapted to what i had on hand and could get on short notice. i then added some wedding-themed names and we were off mixing! (our menu below)

/ the fabulous group - lorna, dominique, miriam, angela, me, wayne, rakapa /

The Wedding Edition

The Blushing Bride
Champagne, strawberries, lemon juice, vanilla simple syrup

The Gullible Groom
Whiskey, rosemary simple syrup, soda water, cherry

The Mother-In-Law
Vodka, crème de cacao, milk, peppermint essence, peppermint marshmallows

The Mother of the Bride
Crème de cacao, cream, vanilla essence, vodka, chocolate syrup, walnuts

The Sister-In-Law
Butterscotch schnapps, cherry brandy, vanilla simple syrup, cherries, sprinkles

The Maid of Honour
White rum, peaches, lime juice, rosemary simple syrup

The Wedding Party
Mix your own!


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