sin & salvation scents

/ albino western diamondback rattlesnake from mark laita's serpentine collection /
most people are afraid of snakes, but these photos have to make anyone appreciate the stunning beauty of these animals. mark laita's whole serpentine collection is amazing, as are the other collections like amaranthine, which is a colourful and detailed study of ornithological specimens.

/ this week's sin & salvation scents /
black phoenix alchemy lab - kill devil
good judy - mother mary
gucci - guilty
dkny - pure
velvet moon bathery (now out of business) - devil's bouquet

i picked out this new set of scents on friday night and that night i dreamt that K I L L  D E V I L was my new derby name and that i had it tattooed on my tongue.. i have to admit that in my dream i thought it was pretty badass. kill devil is by far my favourite scent, which you might be able to surmise since i have a whole bottle of it :) however, not including kill devil, mother mary was my favourite out of this lot.


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