fresh meat... again

/ fresh meat outfit week 1 /
fresh meat training started up again on monday and it went SO WELL this time around! it was awesome to not be worried about staying upright and actually be able to complete the drills with some amount of confidence. the best part was that we learned how to do the two main type of stops (t stop and plow stop) and this time around i actually learned how to do them properly. i was never able to plow stop in the last session but on monday i was able to do several in a row, even though i was on the horrible rented skates. yeah, i'm pretty sure i'll have to spring for a pair of skates in the near future if i can't rent a good set from the local skate retailer.

/ nyc's roller derby league /
i decided this time around i need to actually take pictures of my outfits because, let's face it, half the fun is the fashion ;) i didn't have time to take a picture at practice since it was so busy, so i popped on my helmet and got reuben to take a pic. unfortunately in the pic you can't see how amazingly shiny my shorts are, but i promise you they are stunning. in fact, they aren't shorts at all but a halter neck unitard, but they were just a bit too much to wear on their own, hence the black shirt over top. i did get a round of applause from the girls when i flashed the whole unitard and the coach dubbed me onesie for the rest of practice.

/ stock visualization bracelets by paulbaut /
i was pretty excited to read about the derby teams in nyc - my favourite name being the wall street traitors - and the fact that they have a social league. i can't see myself getting on to a league any time soon, but playing socially would be fun. i just have to convince whoever prima smasherina is to retire so i can use prima basherina as my name (they're just too similar!)... i might start using it here anyway. number 2-2, of course :)


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