all about the comfy and cozy

/ fall beauty fiber art necklace by cesart64 /
ok, we might have skipped over fall and gone straight to winter, but i'm enjoying an autumn palette with layers and knits. i don't wear a whole lot of jewelry in the winter because i don't like the feeling of cold metal on my skin, but felt would be a great solution for that. perhaps i'll have to pick up some felt scraps from the arts recycling centre the next time i'm in.

/ knitted armchair slip cover by biscuitscout /
i would love to have this on our leather couches. i dislike how cold they are and come on, don't you just want to sink into this and cuddle up for the night?

/ knitted shorts by robotyreczne /
i love, love, love these shorts! it almost inspires me to try knitting again, but i know it would end up as one more craft project i never finish...

/ the lou-lou gold legwarmers by graceandlaceco /
i am allll about socks and legwarmers this year!! mom sent me a pair of black knit ones that i have been wearing pretty much every week because they are so warm.

/ tawny owl wool felt brooch by foxowlroad /


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