tartan, cats and honey

/ scores from the craft fair /
tonight was alt.shift.craft's 'craft wars 2: may the 4th be with you' held on the ground floor of the library. i volunteered for about a half hour greeting people at the door and as a thank you i got a free soap from one of the vendors, fragrant therapeutics in honey haven scent - smells yum :) of course i also purchased an awesome plaid jacket that is something between a sleeveless suit jacket and hoodie. i promise it's cuter than it sounds! i also couldn't resist the adorable upcycled wool blanket cat stuffed toy by emma makes. noli managed to steal it while i wasn't looking and have a good wrestle before i confiscated off her.

/ wonder catcam will come to the nz film festival? /
speaking of cats, wouldn't you just love to know what they get up to all day long? being apartment cats, they can't be as mischevious as this outdoor tom, but i bet they spend a lot of time in places they're not meant to be.


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