designer fragrances

/ miu miu via a glamorous little side project /
i've never really been obsessed by designer labels. i agree that sometimes the big names come up with some gorgeous stuff, but so can the little names. i wouldn't mind owning a pair or sassy louboutins one day or wearing an elie saab gown, but i'm cetainly not going to cry if i don't.

my general indifference toward designer labels is about the same as i feel toward their fragrances. they're wearable, but to me, the small batch creativity of brands like black phoenix alchemy is much more exciting.

juicy couture
marc jacobs - daisy
dolce & gabbana - light blue
versace - bright crystal

i gave these all to my coworker rakapa after last week. she, on the other hand, loves the designer names so she will probably get much more enjoyment out of them. i say bring on the next batch!


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