short and sweet scents

/ charmingly delicious looking lucky charms cupcake by cupcakeproject /
this week's fragrances all had one-word names. short and sweet and to the point. (and what better way to demonstrate short and sweet than with a cute cupcake? i made two types of cupcakes this week but failed to take pictures - doh! - lemon and thyme with a lemon glaze and sprinkle of sea salt as well as carrot and coconut with cream cheese icing topped with walnuts)

/ one word scents and a footrot flats cartoon /
velvet moon bathery - diabolique (discontinued)
miss marisa - zest
good judy - uke
coach - poppy
miss marisa - tropical
velvet moon bathery - masquerade (discontinued)

uke smelled so delicious, i actually used it all up. i wore it a few days in a row and then i mixed the rest of it with some plain lotion to make a little pottle of scented lotion to use on the rest of the days. poppy and tropical weren't bad either but i wasn't much of a fan of diabolique and masquerade.


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