dreaming of summer drinks

/ ritzling sparkling reisling /
when we were looking for accommodation for our wedding, lorna and i took a trip up to the bay and stopped at te awa winery where we tasted some fantastic wines as well as had a nibbles plate and a delicious ritzling. i reeeaaaalllly wish it was warm enough to crack one of these open at a sunny winery.

/ spodee manhattan /
since a lot of the blogs i follow are in the northern hemisphere, everyone is writing about their liquor discoveries and the great cocktails that can be created with them. it's just mean. possibly more winter appropriate - this recipe for spodee chocolate cake, but no spodee in nz :(
/ art in the age craft spirits /
all three of these sound delish! and they're from pennsylvania.

/ foss distillery's bjork liqueur /
i am really intrigued by liqueur made from icelandic birch. i would love to go back to iceland and see more than the airport this time!


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