(not so) still life

christian louboutin's shoe ads remind me of the 17th century dutch paintings that i love so much. one of my favourite rooms at the met, was just a small room with these so-real-you-can-reach-out-and-touch-them pictures of all the lavish delicacies of the dutch traders.

i could use a good relaxing visit to the met right now because life has been hectic for sure. an impromptu move from the prier's house kicked off the week, as did my new job. reuben and i also started our ballroom dancing class, which was pretty much an hour of us giggling through the waltz and the rock n' roll steps. and of course we still have bodybalance, though we only went once this week. and school. blah.

tomorrow we are attending the manawatu wine and food festival - i hope there are lots of delish samples!


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