plaid, please

i love plaid! and i love these side bootie heels from amiclubwear.

i bought a pair of red plaid pants my freshman year when i got the freshman 15 (ok, more like 30) and i kept them for years even though they didn't really fit well. i finally gave them up when i left new zealand last year, though i'm not exactly sure why...

and while i have never been much of a bag fiend - i leave the bag collecting to kat :) - i really like this one from desire line's etsy shop. yes etsy again... i'm officially obsessed! i am not lusting to buy things as much as i am itching to try to make a lot of what i see - it is a great place for excellent craft ideas!

reuben and i had our second ballroom dancing class tonight and despite a few arguments about timing, i think it went pretty well! we certainly aren't the worst in the class, but can't tell if we are one of the better ones or not. we don't really have much time to look around when we are trying to keep our feet going in the right places.

we are so close to getting a date to move into our new apartment - can't wait!! i also applied for a new job at ross intermediate, the school where i have been doing some temp/fill-in work for the past week and a bit. so fingers crossed i get an interview and all goes well...


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