sunday morning ramblings

i'm still trying to come up with a good format for my blog, so bear with me while i try different layouts. i wish i was more website savvy so i could change more, but i just don't have time to learn right now.

this morning reuben made me breakfast in bed and i checked my emails and read my google reader articles while listening to the across the universe soundtrack - an excellent good morning album. on friday i was pulled aside at ross so the band could practice playing 'all my lovin' and i was immediately reminiscing about my times in middle school band. as if i wasn't already a really awkward nerd, i was also the only girl in the percussion section with a good portion of the hot and popular guys... boy was i intimidated!! and boy was i a weird little kid back then. and here i am, running around ross with a bunch of kids at that awkward age and handing out detentions - i was called 'the happy detention lady' last friday, which is good, i guess.. i was also given a wooden coaster that one of the girls had made and it sits proudly on my desk in an office that will soon have my name on it!

and once i get my first paycheck i am going shopping! i am desperately lacking winter clothes, especially nice ones, and i would love to gt some more winter boots like those above. except the much, much cheaper versions..

as for the bag, that's from dawanda, which i think is a european version of etsy (or vice versa, nto sure who came first!). needless to say, i have found yet another website full of things i want or want to make.


icedgurl said…
blogwalking here! nice blog. have a nice day! cheers! :-)

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