baby, it's cold outside

i know i go on about the cold a lot, maybe one day when my internal thermometer starts functioning correctly i will stop. but it's not likely.

i generally dislike winter clothes. i hate itchy winter fabrics and i hate having to bundle up with an impossible number of layers that bunch up and usually just rub me the wrong way. thank god for the longer shirt trend, though, so that my back and belly can actually be covered while sitting or bending. anyhow, i just love these scarves and jackets. i've got some great eggplant-coloured wool just waiting to be made into something fun. i have already used some of it to make a hooded scarf, which i love, but i want to make a little jacket or skirt or something next i think. one big problem: no sewing machine.

so perhaps i will take up knitting again. you know, right in between writing my thesis and being an awesome principal's personal assistant.


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