a good discovery

reuben came home with this bottle of wine last night, it was one that we had before and enjoyed and even better - it was on sale! we found the last time we had it that it was even better the next night, but this bottle didn't make it that long. last night involved nachos and singstar to bond with the flatmates :) nicki and i have certainly done plenty of singing together back at atawhai, but getting reuben to participate (and bump up our scores!) was particularly fun.

we finally got a move in date - next tuesday - for our apartment! so this weekend we'll probably start the process of getting everything back into those boxes...

i was trying the 'shop local' feature on etsy last night and i was surprised to see all the shops in new zealand. i haven't looked at them all yet, but i'm looking forward to finding some cute nz stuff to lust after! not that i am looking to buy, but this is just plain cute.


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