additions to the wishlist

/ feet in the cunningham falls during my visit with lia /

black milk just released a bunch of new prints that i really, really, really love! there are also awesome new collection items that i like the look of, but would realistically never have anywhere to wear them.

/ the great wave black milk tights /

i really love the great wave and i really enjoyed seeing it at the british museum. of course most things at the british museum were pretty awesome.

/ from my visit to the national cathedral in dc with dad /

i'm not particularly religious but i love the architecture and colours and overall feeling of churches and cathedrals. and i'd love to wear them on my legs :)

/ cathedral black milk tights /

aren't these prints just gorgeous? he also did a crystal print that reminded me of something from the molecular expressions gallery. some of those prints would be so cool!

/ moa skeleton at te papa from my visit with reuben /

i'm doing another talk about my research next week to the wildlife club. i'm not exactly sure what possessed me to do that since i'm not a fan of public speaking, but oh well. i guess a little more experience can't hurt. i'm still waiting for my second mark to come through, by the way, which is starting to get really frustrating!!

/ leg bones black milk tights /

just in case anyone is wondering, i'm a size medium :D


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