/ iceland volcano and aurora borealis on mnn /

i didn't realise that this was the second time in a month that the iceland volcano erupted and it sure is causing some chaos with most of europe's planes being grounded. sometimes the news in new zealand isn't that great... i generally only watch the news every other day or so because there is rarely something 'new' each day and then i can avoid watching the completely un-newsworthy stories like a cow that got stuck in a drain in wisconsin. seriously? why is that on the news here?

/ natural disasters on new york times blog /

another thing i didn't know (which i surprisingly did hear on the news) was that the library of congress is and has been saving all tweets. apparently it's an effort to expand historical records to include web material and content from everyday people. i suppose it makes sense in that it should document what people have found important enough to put out there - opinions, articles, factoids, etc. - but man are they going to have a whole lot of crap along the lines of 'man it's hot outside', 'i got sooo drunk last night' and 'isn't the starbucks barista adorable??'.


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