garden update

/ our first wildfire chili /

the garden hasn't really slowed down, which is really encouraging, but probably has something to do with the recent warmish weather. our first pepper finally turned red and i used it last night in some chicken enchiladas. i also managed to scratch my nose right after cutting it up and rendered the whole right nostril painfully numb for about 2 hours. there's a second pepper on the plant that's just turning red now and there's at least one more to go after that.

/ some yummy pesto on tonight's pasta dinner /

the basil is still plugging along but some are starting to go to seed. i wonder if basil is one of those things you can easily collect seeds from? i'll have to look into that. as for everything else: the tomatoes are actually growing pretty well, the carrots have poked their heads out and i've put in some rocket.


Unknown said…
Spicy peppers are, in my head, categorized with Super Glue as, 'Things that are sorta dangerous in real life, but with a little bit of laboratory protective equipment - latex gloves - are rendered almost harmless'. Not sure your kiwi research really gives you ready access to latex gloves, though. Hm...

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