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/ fawn core basics boots heels.com /

i've never worked in a lab, but i can imagine none of these would pass holly's lab appropriate footwear test :) i still want, want, want! hehe.

/ natural huntley heels on heels.com /

/ whiskey wildcard heel on heels.com /

/ whiskey pay shunts heels on heels.com /

/ shoe la la heel on modcloth /

/ black mesh ankle boot on amiclubwear /

/ irregular choice zoooom shoes on edge of urge /


Unknown said…
Well, >50% are would pass a lab SAFETY test (closed sides & toes). However, most would probably fail the "run around all day in AND be able to walk tomorrow" test.

And while I tend NOT to like a thick sole in the forefront and a pokey heel in the back, I am partial to the green wedge pumps. Except, I truly don't need another 3 inches in height...

It's also pretty hilarious to see you posting toward "fall fashion", while we're finally peeking into spring!

And last, but not least, check out this lady: http://whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/

I <3 her. And she <3s tights & shoes (although again...backwards seasons...).
Annie Spandex said…
Oooh, the last two!!

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