happy birthday to me :)

/ birthday cupcakes made by dominique /

even the weather cooperated on my birthday, sunny and even warm :) i started out the day with breakfast made by reuben and then a haircut and an impulsive choice to get some colouring done too.

/ my new haircut /

nothing too drastic, but just a little freshening up. then i decided to do a little bit of shopping, first at the warehouse to get a pair of slippers and i almost scored a cute pair of black pumps, but the only one in my size was just a left shoe and believe me, i searched through and behind a lot of boxes to find the other shoe! but no luck.

/ some highlights in the underlayers /

then i headed to the plaza to try to find some cute tights to go with my polka dot dress i wanted to wear to dinner. i thought i had found a nice pair of purple lacey ones, but when i took them out of the package later on, i found out that they were fishnet with just the lace part up the back, so they didn't really go with the dress. oh well.

after shopping, i met up with nicki and had some sushi and then a chocolate milkshake at the new chocolate shop. the chocolates looked amazing, but the milkshake was pretty disappointing.

/ chocolates on the left from reuben and truffles on the top from hayden /

before reuben and i headed to dinner, his mom and dominique stopped by with a birthday card, some vouchers to a great store in town and some cupcakes! there were actually a dozen of them i think, but only four survived until this photo shoot. at bellas hayden gave me a card and a box of truffles and we ate wayyyy too much yummy food :) so much that i fell asleep within about 15 minutes of getting home!

definitely a good day :)


SusieQ6283 said…
Happy Birthday Erica!! The new hair cut is very chic and fabulous on you! Glad you enjoyed your day!! XOXOX
garymj said…
Damn ! did the package from yours truly the Parental Unit not make it in time ? Curse the USPS... NOT OUR FAULT :)

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