a photographic easter

as the parental unit was requesting pictures, i took just a few today :) i decided to be festive and make a bow and belt out of the very easter-y coloured ribbon AD just sent. and i had to show off the pants, which fit perfectly.

yes, i was dancing to abba.

and on to the garden:

successful spring onions, even though it isn't spring.

my wildfire chili is finally turning firey!! doesn't it look like it's glowing?? i've got three peppers on this plant and i plan to make a chili oil when they're finally done!

the basil in this pot is looking as beuatiful as ever. not sure what it was about this particular pot that made it grow so well compared to the others.

so i decided to take the basil out of the pot where the plants were starting to look a bit pathetic and put in the rosemary plant that's been waiting for a home for several months now.

manolo was right next to me the entire time i was out on the balcony, being the curious cat that she is. she was probably waiting for me to feed her some of the plants.

and here is where i can demonstrate the difference in personality between aston and manolo:

she was very fascinated by the newly emptied container that the rosemary was in, so she started to bat it around a bit.

she then tried to steal it and take it inside. i may have mentioned before that she tries to steal pretty much everything and doesn't particularly care if you are watching her at the time.

and when carrying it in her mouth proved a bit difficult, she tried another tactic:

she could get out just fine. but she still got her head stuck about 4 more times before she got bored and went to go eat bean leaves again.

and where was aston the entire time we were out planting?

his favourite spot on the bed, of course. he wasn't too impressed i woke him up with a camera flash.

but he just had a quick groom and went back to sleep.

and speaking of beans, they have gotten even bigger since the last time i spotted them, in fact they look some weird ginormo snake beans!

there are five beans in total, which i guess i can't really complain about since they are pretty well crammed in there and probably aren't getting nearly as much sunlight as they need.

and one of the tomato plants finally started fruiting, how cute are they? i have a feeling i will need to look up that fried green tomato recipe.

with the basil i pulled out today, i tried making a herb vinegar. i only had cider vinegar, which i'm not sure really goes with basil, but i guess i'll find out!

of course the main mission for the day was the deviled eggs. now i thought i had gotten this boiling eggs thing down, but apparently not as the first batch of eggs came out with only half cooked yolks. i think i made up for it by finding the icing piping thingy and making a really awesome second batch, complete with old bay topping.

i guess reuben and i will be having almost hard boiled eggs on our salads for a few days.

second order of business, making us a loaf of bread for the week. this week i tried whole meal with pine nuts, almonds and oats. i think i need to add a few more of the bits and pieces in because i couldn't really taste them. and i also need to get a proper loaf pan. it was still yum, though, and beats supermarket bread by a mile.

and as i write this, manolo is pretending to be a lap cat. i think it's because she saw me eating.

and just in case anyone is wondering what i'm doing tomorrow, i'm going fishing. and no, that is not an april fool's joke...


karmstr112 said…
You've got some great pictures there. The colors on the garden shots are gorgeous.

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