fully engaged

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i suppose it's no secret by now that reuben and i are engaged! and ever since last sunday we've been very busy with family and friends and starting to think about how we are going to make a dual nationality wedding work!

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we had originally thought about february 2011, but finally settled on the beginning of 2012. we'll have it here in new zealand, so hopefully the 20 month heads up will give everyone in the states ample time to organise and plan a trip all the way down here. in order to celebrate with all of the american family, we're hoping to have a more formal engagement party in new jersey when we're home in december/january. this way anyone who won't be able to make the trip will still be able to get involved. honestly, i'm just looking forward to lots and lots of pierogis. oh, and sharing a special day with all the friends family too.

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and for anyone who hasn't heard the proposal story, the short version is that reuben had his mom take me out for long lunch to get me out of the house and when i returned, he had completely re-enacted one of our first dates in the living room. wine, chocolate, surprises - how could i say no??

once i get my ring back from being resized, i will post a few up close and sparkly photos of the ring :)


Unknown said…
I am so excited for you and Reuben! Looking forward to all the engagement/wedding plans in the months to come. As you know, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Love you.

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