reds and greens

i used the very last of my green tomatoes in some chilli yesterday, just thought i would share some of the creations i made with my green tomatoes and a bag of ripe and unripe toms from my coworker nikki:

/ green, red and yellow salsa /

/ pickled green tomatoes and red onions /

/ tomato, mint and jalapeno jelly /
i also finished the last of the baby beets in the garden this week. i will definitely be planting these again, they were easy to take care of and delicious. i even learned a few yummy recipes to use the greens so nothing went to waste.

/ roasted baby beets and beet green risotto /


Holly said…
Oh. My. Goodness. I'm almost dying of all the deliciousness you're showing here! What lovely uses to the (last?) of your seasonal veggies!

Hope you guys are doing well...

Also? Love the new color scheme! At least, it's new to me, since I usually read your blog via Google Reader...

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