chocolate and vanilla

/ chocolate chip cookie body lotion by southerntwistedsoaps /
believe it or not, i disliked chocolate when i was little. i was that weird kid at birthday parties who didn't want any chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream. things have changed. i am still a huge fan of vanilla (and its many varieties), but i certainly don't turn down chocolate birthday cake anymore.

/ chocolate & vanilla scents /
wylde ivy ~ black vanilla ~ a very vanilla scent which i have worn several times before and enjoy every time, vanilla is one of my favourite flavours and scents. i would wear it again.
wylde ivy ~ chocolate rose cream ~ i have never been a fan of artificial rose fragrance but mixing it with chocolate changed my mind about rose perfumes. i loved it and would even buy it.
bathed & infused ~ vanilla fig cedar ~ sweet, spicy and woodsy all in one. i would wear it again.


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