/ mcdreamy the owl doorstop by zippitydoodah /
around the time of the last alt.shift.craft event in may, i discovered, the approximate equivalent of etsy in nz. i of course lusted over so many great things and stumbled up this cute owl and decided to make my own!

/ my owen the owl doorstop /
ok, mine looks considerably skinnier than mcdreamy, but he turned out adorable. i salvaged an old wool vest for his body, picked out scraps from my fabric bag for his features and stuffed him with all the fabric scraps i could find a rock from work.

and of course i had to add a little tail. 

as when searching etsy, i found a million and one things that i loved on felt. luckily i am exercising restraint as my goal over the next year is to clean out all of the stuff we have accumulated in the apartment, not gain more!

/ adorable south island robin felt pillow by s4sh4 /


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