market day

/ crafting up my signs /
on saturday, miriam and i decided we would get a table at the roller rats fundraiser monster market day held at the local ipc university hall.

/ like the name? /
she had some great vintage and quality used goods like china, pillows, purses and framed prints. and i had some crafts including firelighters, iphone/ipod cases, envelopes made from calendar pages, cake/cupcake stands and fresh herbs.

/ my spread /
miriam was lucky to sell about half of her stuff and she bought me a lemon cupcake for helping her out since my sales were slow at best. i only ended up selling my herbs and my cake stand, but at least i made back what i paid for the stall and a whole $4 profit. the crowd wasn't really a crafty one so i might look into getting a stall at the next alt.shift.craft event if i can find someone to split a table with. in the meantime, everyone we know will be getting fire lighters as presents.


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