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/ awesome 7 deadly sins tights by tattoosocks /
i missed the last 4 sessions of this round of fresh met for various reasons, but it's starting back up again on monday so i think i'll give it another go for at least a few weeks! tonight i am going ice skating with my friend nicki so i'm hoping my rollerskating will help keep my balance on blades....

p.s. did you know there is a national museum of roller skating in nebraska? it will be on our cross-country list of places to visit for sure.

/ week 4 outfit /

/ this romper would make a great derby outfit, can't remember where i found the pic /
/ week 3 outfit /

/ would love to paint some skates like these! modcloth secretary of statement heels /

/ week 5 outfit /

/ black milk bodysuit would make an awesome derby outfit /

/ week 7 outfit /


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