random red things

/ random scent selection /
this week's scents were a random selection, a 'lucky dip' if you will. so i've paired them with some random other items of interest that just so happen to be my favourite colour - red.

/ atrial flutter by polly morgan - amazing taxidermy art /
love potion perfume ~ banishment ~ an inoffensive scent, slightly sweet, nothing special for me. i would wear it again.

/ zara carpenter hat, title unknown /
wylde ivy ~ sugar me up ~ sugary sweet as the name suggests. i would wear it again.

/ my favourite bag from the blood bag project /
bpal ~ blood pearl ~ this scents reminds me of something i just can't place, but it fresh and wearable. i would wear it again. (i am hoping to make my own crafted blood bag soon, check out the website to read about the project raising awareness about a rare blood condition called diamond blackfan anaemia) 

/ diy spike heels by a pair & a spare /

love potion perfume ~ touch of ebil ~ favourite scent of the group, sweet and spicy! i would buy it. (and i would definitely make these shoes!)


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