garden scents

/ new flowers /
last weekend i decided to spruce up the balcony with a few flowers. i have no idea what they are, i just know they were 6 for $8 and pretty :)

/ this week's garden scents /
wylde ivy ~ alas, sunflower ~ i expected this scent to be light and overly flowery but was pleasantly surprised at its earthy sweetness, my favourite of the week
love potion perfume ~ blue corn girl ~ i loved this one as much this week as i did back in the colourful fragrances
love potion perfume ~ garden of mystery ~ a nice, but forgettable scent
starring fragrances ~ lavender & rosemary ~ i was reading a gorgeous perfume blog called indie perfume and read about a scent that was described as one you could sleep in. i was intrigued by the idea of putting on a perfume before bedtime and being that this has sleep-inducing lavender in it, i gave a go. it was actually quite a nice experience, but i am still really not a fan of artificial lavender fragrance, there's something about it that i just don't like, whereas fresh lavender doesn't bother me.

/ some lovely scarlet blooms /
i generally keep track of the scents that i have tried on a spreadsheet (yes, i am that dorky) and i just rate them based on three choices: 1) i wouldn't wear it again, 2) i would wear it again, and 3) i would buy it again. ironically, i have so much perfume and AD has such a giant stash that she shares that i doubt i will ever have to buy any ever again!

/ more flowers in my upcycled styrofoam planter /


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