i heart science

..ok science probably doesn't like me as much as i like it. in fact, i always wondered why i love science so much despite the fat that it is one of the main things in my life i often just don't get.. perhaps that's why i find it so fascinating - because i don't really understand a lot of it. i want to, and lord knows i sit in front of article after article in order to try to learn, but sometimes the theories just escape me.

even if i don't always get it, there are a lot of really brilliant people out there who really do get it and love to pass on their wisdom and inspiration, people like dr.isis (thanks to holly who clued me into her blog), who has an amazing blog that pumps me up no matter how poorly i think my project is going. she's got that take-no-shit personality that i love and she is unabashedly fond of shoes - something that a lot of people don't equate with scientific brilliance. but it's not fair is it? just because someone is scientifically oriented, it doesn't mean one should have to abandon all fashion sense! to be sure, she talks about a lot more than just shoes, so check out her out.

anyway, she featured these shoes today and i think they are A-mazing! i wish i knew what kinds of paints and glazes aimee's armoire uses because i would absolutely be painting myself a pair of shoes. i might have to drop her an email and see if she will share her trade secret :)

i wish i had explored etsy before i left the states because i think i could have sold my painted pointe shoes on there. maybe the next time i make it home. in the meantime i will just have to drool over everyone else's etsy products!


How adorable are you!?!?! Thanks for the link!

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