pansies, parsley, presents and te papa

/ card from emma and porcelain cat from reuben's grandma /

it's been a a quiet holiday season, just spending time with those i love! christmas day was relaxed, just eating, chatting and soaking in the warmth with reuben's family at his grandparents' house.

/ pansies on christmas day /

/ the flower garden at reuben's grandparents' house /

/ my happily progressing parsley plants /

reuben and i went to the nursery today and picked up another pot for some rocket and a catnip plant. i emptied out the bottom layer of worm farm of all it's vermicast and mixed it into the big pot where aston's grass patch was and put in some corriander and more sweet basil.

/ our stockings hung above the couch with care /

/ tinsel icicles decorations from aunt dogs /

/ fannie farmer cookbook from mom's christmas package /

/ little heart christmas kitty treats /

/ aston enjoying a catnip toy from mom /

/ iphone case i made for reuben from a secondhand tie /

/ kiwi encounter calendar from emma /

/ summer flats, one of my christmas presents from reuben /

reuben and i decided to go to te papa on boxing day to see the colossal squid. and all of the other cool stuff, of course.

/ the colossal squid /

/ reuben reading about the sea creatures /

/ moa and a giant eagle /


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