upcycled and awesome

/ recycled cassette tape necktie on supermarket /

saw these neckties on one of my google reader feeds and thought it was a pretty awesome idea! (yet another site that looks as though i will love everything on it - supermarket) as a crafter, i've been recycling and reusing bits and pieces of everything ever since i can remember. that may also have something to do with the packrat gene i inherited :)

/ rainbow ribbon cable belt by digibling /

i love seeing all of the 'upcycled' and 'repurposed' items on etsy because they inspire me to do more crafting! there are just so many great ideas out there.

/ suitcase cat bed by lovenostalgicwhimsy /

when i finally find a good suitcase at the salvation army or one of the opshops, the cats are getting one of these!

/ purse made from a leather jacket by hoakonhelga /

and of course i love shoe accessories:

/ mini spats made from recycled leather by bagavondbags /


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