winters that were

/ the christmas light lit streets of frederick, photo stolen from sando :) /

back when i danced, winter was a pretty cool time in frederick. there was the kris kringle parade (here's a link to this year's parade, but don't bother looking at the pictures, they're pretty poor):

/ in the parade as the mouse king, 2000 /

or the open night at flights of fancy:

/ serving snacks as spanish, 2000 /

and of course nutcracker!

/ kathryn and i as snow, 2000 /

/ kathryn, corrine, me and abby in flowers, 1999 /

/ kristen, erin, me and abby as spanish, 1998 /

/ back when spanish had fans! 1997 /

/ the mice waiting for our call, 1996 /


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